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As far back as I can remember I was always sewing something. I think I was born with “busy hands”. So it was inevitable that over time I would find my way to quilt making.

Quilting is traditionally defined as two layers of fabric with a layer of batting between them and then stitched together by needle and thread. Thus by definition, I create traditional quilts. Yet rather than serving a traditional function, they are designed simply for their artistic and visual pleasure.

Many of my quilts are informed by a lifetime of visits to museums where my imagination always takes flight. I am particularly taken by the masterful works of people whose art is an integral part of their spiritual lives. Their images float around in my head and become the points of inspiration. You may recognize echoes from the collections at MOMA and the Met in NY, the De Young in San Francisco and others—re-imagined masks and figures that appear to have come out of Africa, dual faces that the modernists imprinted on my mind, and the mysterious figures from the New Guinea spirit boards.

Nature and music are constants in my life and find their way into my work.

As you scroll through the galleries on this site, please note that dimensions, materials, techniques, and price for each piece will appear just below each item.

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