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In this gallery are works inspired by nature– a layered quilt titled "Log Cabin in the Woods" that is a play on words, using the traditional quilt block to represent the log cabin; a  quilt made of 26 mini-quilts that captures scenes from my walks in the California hills; a series of Spirit Trees that change with the seasons; a wedding quilt with two trees intertwined; a figured quilt that calls on the life-giving spirits of mother-nature, and finally several mini quilts capturing the gnarly twisted branches of the California live oaks.

About the Spirit Trees:

Birds are nesting in the heart of the "Spirit Tree - Spring" symbolic of her life-giving force. The moon above her head quietly churns with new life.

The "Spirit Tree - Autumn" has all her energy stored at her core in anticipation of the winter to come. She wears the harvest moon and is aglow in the "spirit" of the season.

"Spirit Tree - Winter" is embraced by the cold colors of the season while a log cabin fire keeps her warm.


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